Roxanne Rose
I am a young, female cartoonist with a passion for art and storytelling. I have been doing art for the past ten years, and I started working as a full time artist this year.  I run my own business, Roxy Foxy Comics, where I regularly post comics and illustrations catering to the "furry fandom."
I specialize in digital art, and I use Photoshop and Illustrator for most of my work. However, I do have experience in Premiere, After Effects, and Audition, and have used the programs to make basic animations. I also work traditionally with pencil and acrylic paint. 
If you are interested in contacting me for work or a commission, you may use this form to reach out to me.
If you have reached this page as an example of my portfolio, please know that "Roxanne Rose" is a pseudonym I use for the internet, and may be different from the name I have used in professional correspondence. 
Thank you!